Do you have a heart, a mind, and a soul? 
I had a lump in my throat. The lump strained against my windsor knot as though trying to escape my body. The interviewer arched his eyebrows. Perhaps lumps in throats had leapt at him before. I wouldn't doubt it.
Um, yeah. I have the soul to succeed.
He was wearing a purple spotted tie. I stared at it for a few awkward moments. Odd colour for a tie. 
Do you have references?
Did I ever. I had a sheet with names and numbers.  I plunged a hand into my pocket. 
Will these people attest to the fact that you have a heart, a mind, and a soul? Yup. I think so. They might ask you to rephrase it.
 My hand came out of my pocket. I handed him my sheet. 
Great! Then welcome aboard! 
He didn't want the paper. He waved me out. 
I'd forgotten to tell him I was a team player. 
Bye. Thanks
I always do that
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